Portable Child Bed Rail
The Project

Muno Cloud was a cradle to grave development. We identified a market opportunity for a Bed rail that is Strong enough for home, meets all regulatory requirements for US, UK, and EU and compact enough to fit in a carry-on. We engineered, prototyped, sourced, managed the tool build and pilot builds , Regulatory testing, reliability, pilot builds, and Mass production. In parallel we created the videos and photography used for website, social media and digital marketing ads, created a DTC website and managed the entire DTC campaign.

Drawing on our success in bringing many consumer products to market, we knew we needed a strong team. After 15 months of design and prototyping, we built a durable bed rail that not only fits in a carry-on but also meets both US and European safety standards.

Our experienced manufacturing partner uses automated lasers and robotic welders to produce the highest quality child safety products. All of our production tooling and compliance testing through the Muno cloud platform have been completed.

We are incredibly proud of the Muno Cloud and the portable child bed rail we have created.


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